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Wrapping Conscious Mind Around Unconscious Mind

By January 15, 2024No Comments

Regarding the so-called 'unconscious' 'mind', it sounds like it is so big that it cannot be put into a wheelbarrow. Wow! What a nominalization. Right?!

Elvis Lester

Oh yes, let’s not forget… “The Unconscious Mind is really a process.” “Yes, it is not a nominalization.” If we ‘turn’ to ‘words’ to name statically what is the most huge dynamic process of all attempting to make it static it may be that in the very naming, we present ourselves with a massive paradox & potentially prevent ourselves from ‘attaining’ some modicum level of ‘mastery’ or ‘skill’ with. These very ‘unconscious’ processes are what allow us to heal or support ourselves more fully in our life & everyday endeavors.

What may seem ‘unconscious’ or ‘habitual (automatic), etc. may be just outside of our ‘awareness’ &/or our conscious abilities (at present)… just outside what is possible in our current model of the world. But wait… As ‘personal scientists’ maybe just maybe we can continue to take a very explorative or ‘curious’ mindset & position to the unconscious… & give it its due it so well deserves.

Now we know we can (& already do of course) interact with our own brains through mind knowing more intentionally that we are the ones actually running processes in the background & foreground & higher ground as well as underneath. Our consciousness is inclusive of thought-feeling-emotion-meaning-evaluation-relational-perception-non-verbal-verbal-energetic-behavioral-etc. We now recognize & realize that by neurocisng (that’ right) our powers of mind-brain-body-being-behavior we can more precisely operate to improve our performance & take it to the optimum & the maximum.

Just my two cents. Elvis

Accessing Your Unconscious Resources
Come from a position of wisdom – Top Down vs. Bottom Up. Live from on high!
You Got this (top-down). Vs. bottom-up way of reacting & gyrating to your own extractions & abstractions.
EDIT – TUNE with Neurocise – Tweak – Train-In – Tuning the circuits
Shed them – Notice them – Choose to do something with them…

Elvis Lester

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Elvis Lester is the Owner of Neurocise Studios. He is the creator or multiple models for human excellence & achievement technologies.

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