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Go first. Practice it yourself daily – multiple times a day – Doing Self-hypnosis.

Then you will learn much better by how you “do trance” and what the experience actually is like for you. Learn what trance is getting all the experience you can at being in trance for yourself.

  • Get with someone who has a bit more experience than you do to do various types of inductions and deepening and ratification technics with you. Then, practice with clients and get supervision. Experiment in ‘private practice’ doing it. Do what you learn with clients.

Find your trancey voice that puts people into trance. Record and listen to ingrain the patterns you are running.

When you are with a client you will calibrate and make sure that they are getting the experience and responses and giving the signals that they are getting it.

Do trance designed to and for the client, to open up their mind zone and install with them or elicit what they need to get results.

Know when to use indirect or direct methods.

  • Indirect in the beginning and direct in the middle of the therapy part of the trance when they are deeper in trance.

Prepare a trance script or find one that fits the situation and use NLP modeling and changework ability and include what is appropriate for the client.

It is reported that Milton Erickson wrote out most of his when he did work with a client. He reportedly spent hours doing so. He was meticulous even in the later years of his career.

Become adept at Ericksonian methods and design to each and every client the solution that fits for them.

  • Eventually you will rely less and less on scripts and maybe even stop using them altogether.
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