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The Science-Art of TranceFormation of Thinking-Feeling into Elements & Knowledge 2 Action

The science-art (study & practice) of self-hypnosis & personal trance.

Each of us has our own person way of doing & experiencing trance & self-hypnosis. 

“Why is this important?” you may ask…

NeuroTrance is primarily related to identifying & working with the ‘neurophenomena’ we do or have done that creates/leads to the so-called trances we go in & out of & those we live & do through/within.

NeuroTrance is primarily related to neurophenomena.

You already have a system (function) in place – established by you – that you utilize to conduct yourself throughout your days. This system is without a doubt hypnotic & it has within it techniques – or what I refer to as HypnoTechnics – a system of techniques that work for you on your behalf consciously & unconsciously.

It is about breaking down/out the ‘hypnotic’ techniques & talents/gifts the person does/has/is doing that lead to the experience/behavior/etc. & how we go about forming trance (which are really brain-states)… learning about HOW we (can & do) trans-form ourselves by experiences, process by process, trance by trance. Also, teaching the hypnotic techniques primarily versus learning a lot of inductions, integrating the NeuroTrance, NLP, Neurocise, etc. we will enhance our abilities, including our hypnotic abilities.

Each person has their own way of doing Trance – with their own technics (system).

Elvis Lester

Author Elvis Lester

Elvis Lester is the Owner of Neurocise Studios. He is the creator or multiple models for human excellence & achievement technologies.

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