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NeuroTrance™ is a point of entry to Neurocise®.

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We use Trance as an entry point – to…

  • Access Meta-Resources/Meta-Position
  • Access the Neuro-Circuitry that engages – to Neurocise.
  • Identify Function & Values/Criteria involved
  • Identify Purpose/+Intent
  • Access Resources Required
  • Do the Strategy – etc.

We have a Visual Reality & Auditory/Kinesthetic, etc.
that we are encoding via our sense channels – transforms us –
via the transforms of our senses.

What gets registered – you get to decide.

NeuroTrancework is even more precise!
As with neurocise we are getting them to do precise patterning not leaving it to chance – but taking care of trance – taking care of business in trance. Of course, it is relaxing – creating the waveforms – the rhythms in trance – states – brain states – merging the two – mental-emotional-physical states – brain states.

Hypnosis has direct impact neurally on our functioning – through modulation & modification of brain regions & connectivity between various brain regions involved. Through “hypnotic changes in connectivity”, we can (& do) alter consciousness & reinterpret/interpret sensory events (our perceptions of them). Think how powerful this is.

We can also utilize the power of suggestion (after hypnotic induction or not) – in “trance” or while using conversational trance.

What is implied & proven is that we can make suggestions & it can (& as we know does) have impact & produce specific direct & indirect effects (hypnotic in nature).

Bottom Line:

Hypnotic induction is not required (although it helps)
for the power of suggestion to influence.

Next Bottom Line:



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