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Identity Coaching™ & Identity-Engineering™

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Identity Creation & Vibration

Nothing speaks louder than real experiences & words that come from the mouths of those who are doing.

Regarding how we “vibrate” & generate our own identities, to this end my belief is that we “identity-engineer” all the time.

  • We are always creating what I refer to as “VIBES” – Values-Intentions-Beliefs-Expectations(emotions)-States – that we give off as VIBES (to self-first & then others).

The very language we see use reflects that we do engineer who we are in the moment & “come from” this “identity” with related VIBES. Good & Bad VIBES.

Realizing that we can be who we wish & shed & assume outdated or unwanted “identity formations” is super empowering.

One of the approaches I take with clients is called “Identity Coaching™” & Identity-Engineering™ using iVIBES™ Modeling.

“We focus on form to facilitate function”!

What is the structure required to get you what you want & to come from who you really are & what you value, intend, believe in & expect?

Once you know this it puts you into a great State & drives how you perform or behave. Think about it!

I do Identity Coaching™ & Identity-Engineering™ Certification trainings & personal coaching should you have an interest.

For more information on coaching with Elvis Lester, call 813-221-5466!

Elvis Lester

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Elvis Lester is the Owner of Neurocise Studios. He is the creator or multiple models for human excellence & achievement technologies.

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