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Neuro-Circuits = Structure

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Circuits = Structure
We are neurostructuring all the time.

Neural Arcing (occurring)
Circuit Patterning (of Responses)
Arrangements (firing & wiring – syncing). 

We are required to attend to how the person creates & generates what they do.

Neurocise seeks to establish the very structure that supports the behavior neuronally. What you are doing is recorded, registered neurally & expressed via our neurology & physiology. With Neurocise we assist you in doing well-forming of responses in precise ways to reach specific desired outcomes in the moment. You learn how to do what it takes to create a well-formed set of responses with yourself & others. With the right (well-formed) neuro-circuitry in play – engaging & expressing – we can achieve a “more deliberate performance”.

How does the “addict” (human being doing addictive behaviors or programming) do what they do?

The Loop of Addiction Addiction Loops·       

  • What are they?
  • How do they get triggered?
  • What kicks them in & out? 

Meta-Sensory Awareness is required to model more proficiently via our behavior – brain-based & expression based behavior. Parts vs. Whole – Sets of Relations are what drive responses – including addictive behaviors. 

What if we could wipe the circuitry?

Collapsing – Dissolving – Disappearing – Deleting

  • How could we do this?
  • Can we break up the neuro-circuits engaging in the behaviors we call “addiction”?
  • Can we break up the synesthesias (connections between sense channels) that are responsible for the “addictive behaviors”?  

We can break up these circuits. Or we can reinforce them. We can also adapt or shift or transform them into something else altogether.  

Break apart the circuits – Assemble related parts – make other incoherent – vs. incoherent & confused.

We must start thinking like this.

  • What is the neuro-circuitry required to achieve DS?
  • Is it ecological for you to wire that way?
  • If so, how can we sustain that integrity of circuitry over time

Neurocise® it.

Presponses = Neurocircuitry Required

When we get it we have it & it remains available to us. It is believed to impact us at the genetic levels.

Elvis Lester

Author Elvis Lester

Elvis Lester is the Owner of Neurocise Studios. He is the creator or multiple models for human excellence & achievement technologies.

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