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What is the Problem?

By January 15, 2024No Comments

Most of the time it is… A Failure to EXTINGUISH Response!

As we initiate or start to Expose the undesired response…

  • We can EXTINGUISH (Response) vs. Experience it or Enhance it

With Neurocise® & NeuroPointing™…

  • Instead of completing the pattern & Experiencing the negative or limiting response…

We can EXTINGUISH the Response!

  • Do not let your client sit there & respond negatively.

How do you Extinguish a Response?

  • Stop Doing the Response
  • Exit the Sequence of the Behavior (Response)
  • Interrupt the State or Strategy & Related (Driving) Processes
  • Break State – Distract
  • Disrupt the Set (Un-Conscious Set)
  • Pace & Lead Out of the Undesired Response
  • Match-Mismatch-Lead (Old School NLP) to Neutral or Desired State
  • Alter Features & Distinctions (of Representation) to diminish or EXTINCT the response.

Do Something Big Now…

  • Act at the Exposure Point. Do not expose or allow yourself to be exposed to a stimuli/experience.
  • Act at the Emergence Point. Stop the response or the representation from emerging.
  • Act at the Engage Point. Do not engage – disengage & let it go – read as a cue or signal to “Power Up”!

The Key is – We MUST ACT with Intention by Design!

  • What are your designs? Do you act with Intention!
Elvis Lester

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Elvis Lester is the Owner of Neurocise Studios. He is the creator or multiple models for human excellence & achievement technologies.

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