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Taking Control of Your Kinesthetics

By January 15, 2024No Comments

Taking Control of Your Kinesthetics

We may not realize how important taking control of our breathing, our emotions, our physicality/kinesthetics truly is especially when in the face of the so-called “threatening” triggers & cues – stimuli or situations – that originally provoked fear or unsafe feelings in the first place.

Obviously, the goal is to respond differently, more productively & more positively in a controlled way. Through learning & proper responding – well-formed strategies & conditions, we can & do Program – Install – Condition…

Neurocise & Psynergize desired & required responses.

These become resourceful learnings & memories. Yes! It takes energy. Yes! It takes practice. Yes! It takes competency & YES, it sometimes takes guidance & facilitation by an expert in the field of human performance.


Elvis Lester

Author Elvis Lester

Elvis Lester is the Owner of Neurocise Studios. He is the creator or multiple models for human excellence & achievement technologies.

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