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Eye Movement Therapy & Coaching

Neurocise® & EyePointing™

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Neurocise® & EyePointing™

Neurocise® & EyePointing™ help to guide eye movement & transform features of memories deliberately to improve client performance.

Eye Movement can be used to guide & direct neural activation & reactivation of memory or representations. When we move our eyes to specific points in the visual field (right or left or centerpoint, etc.) – the eye movements serve to activate & engage the brain & the body in very specific ways.

It is ultimately very simple! Eye Movements & EyePoints are related to strategy formation & the

very sequencing & chaining – connecting & linking of VAKOG (the 5 senses) – which has been known for decades now – that function as cues & triggers – kickers leading to the anchoring of sequence – ordering of representations (memories) – allowing for the re-access of the structural elements involved in our strategies or responses (behaviors). WHAT A MOUTHFUL.

  • What does this mean? Maybe you already have your own ideas?!

It means that – eye movements & what I have coined as EyePoints are integral to all we do – as they are the very cues – neural cues – that help us to re-access our resourceful representations & memories as well as un-resourceful ones (what we call trauma/abuse/”problems”/etc. OR NOT!

The Eyes move to an EyePoint & it reflects the activation of the brain (behavior) similar to previous representations (memories). Got it!!!

We can predict that the person is reactivating neurally a previous representation or memory with Eye Movement/EyePointing™.

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Elvis Lester

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Elvis Lester is the Owner of Neurocise Studios. He is the creator or multiple models for human excellence & achievement technologies.

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