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Neurocise®, NLP & Hypnosis for Stress Reduction

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Neurocise®, NLP, Hypnosis for Stress Reduction

Many things in life cause stress & we all know that stress affects our health & our happiness on a daily basis. No one likes feeling frustrated, confused or overwhelmed by stress & not knowing what to do or where to begin to let go of stressors & start to lead an even healthier & happier & more relaxing life. It is a well-known fact that stress & its negative effects on mental, emotional & physical health sometimes leads to unhealthy behaviors as well & a quickening of the downward spiral to even more & more stress.

I invite you to come join me for a change & trance session & learn how you can use NLP, Hypnosis & Neurocise® to access your very own primary powers & unconscious processes to not only alleviate any unwanted stresses in your life but utilize it to propel you to more peace of mind & satisfaction in your life & relationships.

Come learn to experience for yourself how with NLP, Hypnosis & Neurocise® you can alter your states & use trance-based exercises to help solve your everyday issues or problems & deal with stress more easily & speedily, in ways that will leave you refreshed, & energized, empowered & inspired with new skills & a new perspective.

Stress-Release with NLP, Hypnosis & Neurocise®
We all react & respond to ‘stress’ in our own unique ways. The primary questions are:

  • How much in control are you of how you do respond & react to life’s situations & events?
  • Are your reactions & responses helping you or hindering you?
  • Are you thinking-feeling as you’d like to & achieving the results you desire?

Schedule a Coaching & Change session on Stress Management & you will:

  • Define & identify what ‘stresses you’ or the stressors in your life.
  • Identify your response-reactions to stressors.
  • Evaluate if your reactions to the stressors in your life help or hinder you.
  • Recognize & realize the value & importance of making lifestyle shifts & changes in how you live & perform.
  • Read, resolve & release unwanted tension & stress – Read the “signs of the mind” & take action to make your mind & life better.
  • Unwind physically, mentally & emotionally to gain more peace of mind right now.
  • Shift quickly from a perceptual position of weakness & vulnerability to that of control & strength.
  • Understand the value & importance of taking “specific action” with effective strategies to read & release stress.
  • Clarify your intentions & focus your attention & energy on what is most important to you.
  • Put into action your vision of success & sequence of success in positive stress management.
  • Direct & control your state of mind in the most difficult of situations.
  • Make Choice Responses!
  • Learn to access easily resources, states, strategies & skills to help manage your states.
  • Make specific changes in how you think-feel-act to immediately improve the quality of your life, actions, relationships & performance.
  • Communicate from the inside out for maximum influence & positive impact not only on others but with yourself first.

NLP, Hypnosis & Neurocise® are models of communication & human excellence which will help you to determine the very structure of success in your life.

Take the time to learn to improve the results in your life.

  • Come learn about NLP, Hypnosis & Neurocise® as a system to control your state & attitude & how to change your beliefs, change your states by choice & shift your perceptions & perspective (point of view & outlook).
  • Come access the resources you require & practice the states, strategies & skills in a context that will allow you to make high level changes in your personal vision, so you go beyond what you thought previously possible.
  • Come learn how NLP, Hypnosis & Neurocise® can assist you in getting rid of stress & enjoy yourself & yourself more fully & completely. Please let me know if I can be of assistance in helping you to alleviate unwanted stresses in your life & relationships.

Thank you!
PS: Contact me at 813-221-5466 to set an appointment for an individual session. I also work with couples as well. email:

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