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NLP – Well-formed Conditions violation

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NLP – Well-formed Conditions violation

Negative vs. Positive Conditions/Outcomes/Behaviors

Honestly, one of the most challenging (but not really if you know) – more “challenged” – client behaviors are those which (seem to “continuously” but not always) focus on the “negative”. Meaning – it appears they “can’t” (in their mind) get past the focus on the so-called “problem” or the “lack of ability” (theirs supposedly).

This one thing – among others – not focusing on “what they want”/desired outcome but on what they don’t want vs. positive behavior/action they could take or do – could be a “sole” reason for “failure” or “negative expectancy” that drives lack of progress or “in-action” that stops them or limits them.

Many a time have coaches/therapists/counselors/etc. been “stumped” by the violation of the very first – if not the most crucial – Well-Formed Condition. Focus on what you want & make it positive – something you can do (#2) that is within your control (behavioral repertoire).

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