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NLP – Positive Polarity Responsing

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NLP – Positive Polarity Responsing

  • Have you ever “Polarity Responded” to yourself?
  • If so, about what?

Think about it… Back then.

Meaning, are there things or a thing that you could have benefitted from if you just “got it done” or “done it right away now” but you hadn’t chosen to… yet?

Have you in the past – resisted doing things that you know would have made your quality of life or work better, but you didn’t choose to do it… so far?

As a matter of fact when it comes up you may have even avoided it intentionally (or not).

Or done just the opposite!

Or, when you’ve come up with a really great plan, & you knew it is “time to get to it”, or it would’ve really been best to “get on with it”, you didn’t act for some uncertain (or certain) reason?

Hmmm. Didn’t seem to make any sense.

  • Have you responded to yourself in ways that just don’t make sense?
  • Ways that you knew ran counter to “or at the opposite end of the pole” to what you wanted?

Some people (probably not you of course) do this regarding some of the biggest & most impactful ideas or goals or actions in their lives & it has cost them. More than they know.

Psychologically (& possibly relationally).

Why not do this – Positive Polarity Responsing even more intentionally – with the things that you know that don’t work so well in your life for you? Why not be a “positive polarity responder” in these times – Polarity Respond to the Polarity Response.

Resist the Resisting, Put Off the Putting Off, Avoid not doing what you chose not to do that you know will have a positive & powerful impact on your life or relationships. See what happens. It may just shock or surprise yourself… quite nicely. Barabajagal.

Elvis Lester

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Elvis Lester is the Owner of Neurocise Studios. He is the creator or multiple models for human excellence & achievement technologies.

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