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NLP & Hypnosis – Propulsive Selling & Service

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NLP & Hypnosis – Propulsive Selling & Service

Putting a Positive Spin on Emotion & InSpiring Your Customers & YOU!

  • Propulsive Selling

What is or is not “propelling you”?

Whether you “know” it or not, your beliefs, your associations, your e-motions, the energy you relate to “selling or service” is what determines your results. Ultimately… Your state.

Some Questions for you

  • Have you heard of “propulsion systems”?
  • Did you know that you already have a “system of motivation” in place?
    • Did you know that?
  • Is it a propulsive, attractive, pleasurable, driving & a motivating force that leads you to “fully enjoy” selling & providing exquisite service to people or is it more like a “compulsion system”… one-sided, one that is responsible for “pushing” self to do sometimes even the minimum it takes to be successful (or barely) & in the end not enjoying & finding it somewhat de-pressing to sell or service?

Compulsion feels more like pressuring & leveraging self &/or other. Not-So-Good Feelings. Doesn’t make you feel like doing more & not as much fun as it is a chore.

You “must KNOW” how you are driving & leading your behavior & actions & how specifically you are doing so, what states, strategies & skills you are using & accessing & their consequences & impact on you & “your customers.”

Become more aware & more awake & alert even at the subconscious level as to what you are “moving away from” – pushing from – AND even more intentional in how you motivate yourself “towards” & into what you want with positive & meaningful – pleasurable states & strategies that attract more clients to you. These are some of the crucial keys in determining how we manage your mind towards more pleasurable & profitable selling & service & Ultimately Business Success. Don’t you think!?! ;>)

Elvis Lester

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Elvis Lester is the Owner of Neurocise Studios. He is the creator or multiple models for human excellence & achievement technologies.

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