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NLP – Tapping to Delight

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NLP – Tapping to Delight

One of the “secret” anchoring techniques I use is to “tap” the anchor to re-fire the response so that it is cued up & “ready to go” whether that is to collapse or connect it or amplify or re-ignite its power as part of a propulsive intervention.

  • Tapping the Anchor – depending upon where you set it – not recommended on the face or forehead ;>) – is easily accomplished. Make it accessible – knee, arm, or shoulder (standing) or possibly upper back with hand/fingers. Obviously let the client know ahead of time what you are doing & get permission to use the anchoring technique. In other words, think ahead & “do your Set Ups”!

With the Collapse Anchor technique, I may set the “non-productive/undesirable” state anchor & then use that anchor to access or link to the Resource State. So, it would go Anchor 1 (non-resourceful) à Anchor 2 (quickly) to establish a cue/trigger – link to – the Resource State. Then when you have the connection you have a natural “propulsive” linkage to drive the response “toward” Desired State responses. I may alternate between the two tapping quickly from one to the other to communicate “other-than-consciously”.

When you are testing or “running” the processes – trials & runs – to condition a positive response pattern – you will have one side of the “outdated response” leading to the “new” more improved & desirable response that fits for them in the situation. Here is where the fun begins. You then can utilize “post-hypnotic suggestions” & cueing & set those triggers “in context” for & with the client whether that be up & at ’em physiologically getting the client to get up & move around with the response “in-vivo” integrating the response as one that easily accessed in the moment & in the “real-to-life” situation in your session.

Do some timelining & maybe fire the “propulsion system” & wallah you have a complete performance with the client’s understanding how to “get from here to there” & across the gap of “knowing & Doing!!!” Tap Anchor 1 – then Anchor 2 – hold the positive & press with conviction!!!

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