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A few NLP Presuppositions…

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NLP Presuppositions

NLP Presupposition
People communicate in all 3 “major” representational systems – visual – auditory – kinesthetic (& even olfactory/gustatory:>) – providing a potential synesthetic effect & beneficial redundancy in our communications.

NLP Presupposition
The meaning of the communication is the response you get (elicit). The message or meaning that is assigned by the person (or person’s/ etc.) to your communication (regardless of your intention – well not really, you should be very clear as to your intention) is the response created or experienced (that you elicited) in/with/by the listener (responder). This is the true response of the communication (which will definitely be different for each person receiving it). Critical to realize that each person has different history (personal history), filters, “wiring” (neuronally) & capabilities, etc. These will all impact how the person responds to any communication. And then there are the meta filters (responses at a higher level – back of mind – background) that also impact what we receive as to input & communications. IN ALL TRAININGS that I do (whether NLP, Trance/Hypnosis, Neurocise, Design Solution Modeling/Therapy/Coaching, etc.) I am always investing the effort to “install” these presuppositions & make them operational for the people who attend & participate. We know from experience that when this is accomplished the person will have a more complete & compelling system with which to not only communicate but to run their brains & shift their relationships (internal & external).

NLP Presupposition
We respond to & through our map(s) of reality & not to the “reality” itself. Through the art of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) we model & map (shift & transform our maps) our own strategies that serve to update our maps to more functional & optimal & maximal.

There are several more presuppositions of NLP you should know & do daily. We will continue to outline them & detail them so that you can learn to come from them… as strong beliefs or meta beliefs that help you to make a true difference you desire in your life.

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