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NLP & Hypnosis for treatment of PTSD & Trauma

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NLP is the perfect tool for use in treatment of PTSD, trauma & abuse.

NLP & Hypnosis for treatment of PTSD & Trauma or Abuse

NLP is a perfect tool for use in treatment of PTSD & trauma. NLP as a change technology has specific techniques designed to work precisely with beliefs, sensory processing of events, shifting of Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic features of representations, state breaks/pattern interrupts, processing & restructuring cognitive aspects of the events-experiences, state control & “reality-based” decision making & evaluational tools & so much more.

In working with trauma & PTSD – it is important to help the client to “integrate” the learnings from their experiences by “processing & re-processing” (imprinting/re-imprinting) positively for new meaning & evaluations. This can be done in multiple ways with the rich technologies of NLP & Hypnosis (the utilization of hypnotic phenomena & hypnotic languaging).

The powerful utilization of hypnotic phenomena involved in the doing of the “problem” (dissociation, age progression/regression, hypermnesia, hyperesthesia, etc.) within NLP techniques ensures that the processes that are “in play” are addressed in their inverse or one-to-one specifically. This will likely result in the solidification of more productive internal processes, new learnings & associations of more productive states (& representations) to the person’s experiencing.

In the sense of a paradox (& potential binding), if these representations or learnings (memories included) are not “resolved” then it is more than likely that they may be “held at bay” until they are integrated or accepted as having information value that is helpful in some way, shape or form to healing psychological insults or wounds.

What we will see is “repetition completion” – until the person completes the learning the signals & cues will be repeated in attempt to update & integrate what has been experienced. This is an unconscious & natural tendency – a skill – that is in service to the person.

Typically, when a model to do just this integration is provided the result is fantastic & complete – with a resolution on multiple levels & recognition of a skill that will long deliver results over a lifetime. These can of course be learned, practiced & deployed with intention by design as possible interventions (preventive in nature) – the best of the best techniques & skills on the planet – to restore the full functioning & potential of those who have been impacted by traumatic or highly intense situations or experiences.

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