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NLP & Hypnosis

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NLP & Hypnosis

How Convinced & Motivated are you to “Go For It”?!
What You Want & Can Do to Make It Happen?!!!


If you do something different in your head, you do something different on outside – that is the whole theory in NLP. Richard Bandler

That’s right Decision à Motivation à Conviction Strategies & possibly a little Amnesia of the past patterns (that didn’t work) may be helpful. Conviction Frame is best to start with – something we/they (the client) are convinced of & work through it.

We are really interested in developing a “Full Tilt Boogie” Conviction about what is that we/they/you “Can Do”. Will do… Part of the beauty is in our ability as NLPers to “Go First” & hold that sense of conviction & assurance & coming from it as the Changeworker. Isn’t it?

Because… if & when we are & they are “convinced” they’ll “Go For It & Do It” they will. Won’t they?!

Using the SM (submodalities) of the things they are “utterly convinced” of & coming through those is quite the “secret” – the coding works – why not use it… NOW. Putting together the “complete package” that does motivate & convince is part of the “Art of NLP”.

Access Utterly Convinced State & come through the Go For It Frame – no hesitation. It’s Done!

Elvis Lester

Author Elvis Lester

Elvis Lester is the Owner of Neurocise Studios. He is the creator or multiple models for human excellence & achievement technologies.

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