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What is an EyePoint?

EyePoints: Specific Points in our visual space (Visual Field) that we move our eyes (nonconsciously & consciously with mastery) to gather neural resources & access/re-access (retrieve & encode) memory.

When you access information (memories of events/experiences/images you recall or just a pleasant idea) you project with your eyes around you in some way what it is that you are forming & reforming. With this action, you are cuing yourself neurally to reexperience an event or memory by moving your eyes to a particular position that the experience is associated with in your visual field & stored in your brain.

Now that you are aware of these “eye movements” to a specific “eyepoint” – you can begin to determine how you are organizing your experience likely “nonconsciously” & you can now begin to play with what I call EyePointing to enhance your experiences & even your learnings.

Notice where your eyes move to when you do recall a pleasant memory or experience. Then, close or blink your eyes – shift your body a little to release then reaccess the pleasant event or experience & notice where your eyes move to as you do. If you add to the memory or experience – new learning or details – the eyepoint may shift as a result of the updating or accessing of further information (sequence, series of events or activation of movement/motion in a memory/etc.).

Have fun with your new skill. Oh, you already have this skill – it is just a little more conscious now likely.

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