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Executive Functioning – It is a “Brain Thing”

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Executive Functioning – It is a “Brain Thing”

Executive Functioning

It won’t be long – well honestly – we already have research/evidence to prove that our brains – specific regions – function interactively & integratively to assign meaning & evaluation/significance (Inferior Frontal Gyrus) & (vmPFC – prefrontal cortex) to inhibit amygdalic responsing & assign Meaning to stimuli or our experiences in our lives.

Fact is: Clients can exercise better decision making (neuro-evaluation) & choose to respond more positively & in control (well-formedness) – seeing-hearing-feeling more neutrally if they so decide/choose to do so. This depends upon the client’s brain response/structure (“previous responding”) as it has “wired by firing” previously in certain ways.

Until the client succeeds at a newer & improved…

  • more well-formed +Response – what they want/desire to experience
  • within their control & initiated & maintained by them
  • See-Hear-Feel it cleaner & clearly
  • Ecological in all rapport system – all roles or relationships involved – husband/wife/mother/father/various roles we play in our lives…
  • Measurable-testable-verifiable that they did get what they desired/outcomes (See-hear-feel that too & it looks like what you desired)…

Then they will have developed the needed feedback & subsequent brain-structure required to repeat this behavior/success in the future. (Fired à Wired)

Emotional regulation is not just a “mind thing”; we are not “head cases” when it comes to functioning in a dysregulated way – overly aroused (hyperarousal) or under-aroused (hypoarousal). This is entirely possible & within our abilities & skills – If we learned & we use them in the moment. Things don’t just happen unless they do – without a clear & clean & productive decision to take control of the situation (with our skills) or your emotions in them.

We must neurocise ourselves to produce the better result!

Plain & simple – if we don’t – we get what we create (as it should be)… hopefully people will “choose wisely” not poorly & get the skills they require to live the lives they desire.

What is the key you may ask?
Feedback (integration) – make use of negative feedback that reenters the person’s system – mental-emotional-neuro-behaviorally – to produce a definite & different response. Information is constantly being received – we need to interpret it positively as valuable to the system. Then we can integrate that information – to FORM a better response (PerFORMance) – instead of distorting or generalizing – taking things personally or relying on old & outdated ways of thinking-feeling-behaving.

So what?

This could (likely does) mean that dysfunction or “dysregulation” of “brain control systems” are responsible for what we call our “problems” or “mental health dis-orders”.


Learn – Train – Develop yourself neuronally! Get those skills of evaluation-assessment sharpened, learn to create a better & more precise &: Learn – Train – Develop yourself neuronally! Get those skills of evaluation-assessment sharpened, learn to create a better & more precise & PSYGIENIC (Clean & Clear) model of communicating with yourself & others.

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