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Training at Neurocise® Studios

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Training at Neurocise® Studios

The NLP, Hypnosis & Neurocise® Training Models are a combination of:

· Presentation (tell about it & model & demonstrate it live, metaphor/story, teach, etc.)

· Demonstration (show it & explain it, detail it – exercises, techniques, processes & experiments)

· Practice Exercises (with guidance & coaching & feedback/input & supervision)

· Debriefing – Sharing experiences & breaking down results of exercises, techniques & learnings

· Future Pacing learning & applications… most of which is sequenced & layered for maximum impact & influence.

Training done at its best, is highly applicable & pertinent to where you are in your personal development & evolution & helps you to move further & quicker in the “right” direction for you & your learnings & developments – evolvement. And, then there is Trancework – hypnotic processes, languaging/wording, phenomenon experienced & done for accelerating of learning & contextualizing for you.

The aegis is for you to “go & do what it takes” for you to be successful & satisfied in your life & career, relationships (self & other) etc. The environment is created that is RIPE for you to explore & to stretch & EXPAND your Brainpower. Not just sitting & lecturing.

Unlike most other “Seminars” our trainings are highly interactive, in-time & experiential. And you will likely get stretched & challenged to pump it up to the next level for you.

“Seminar” doesn’t do the experience justice. It is actually more of an immersion experience. Again, to me, you get what you put into it. And, likely more than you came for. If & when you get into Uptime State of Mind & come from it, focused, intentional, resolved, energized to learn & gain, excited – up & present, you will benefit much more. There is always more going on than there seems to be. Meaning, multi-layered learning outcomes & communications that are set for most all levels of skill & ability of attendees in the room.

Each program has its own design & they are cumulative in effect as to skill building. One will help with the other. Your experience is different at each event… & that is a good thing. You will continue to gain insight into the patterns, processes, ones that are conscious & visible & those that are meant to be more STEALTH & implied… more un-conscious that is to say. One of my passions & gifts is helping participants constantly change & grow & improve their skills.

Considering you want to learn how to maximize how you communicate & make more powerful & influential contact with self & other, our trainings will definitely be of maximum benefit to you. You will learn about the impact of Mental-Emotional States & how to “go first” into state & read states of others & lead them into more productive & pleasurable states & likely those that are more receptive to your message & intents. You will also learn how to notice & detect strategies of self & other & decision makers & how to talk their language & build rapport to accelerate the level of influence & decision making. You practice the SKILLS of persuasion & how to get more strategic in your delivery.

Neurocise®, in & of itself, is unique & is even more of an accelerator for getting into a lifestyle that is more dynamic, bold, action-oriented, creative & generative. That is the intended impact it has on those who attend. Now, I see the true benefits of installation strategies of the states & tools, technics (system of installation) & abilities that people need to succeed in their chosen endeavors at each event.

Yes, you will also see people with challenges & those who just may need or desire a bit more encouragement, confidence & conviction in themselves & their talents. Some will learn talents they didn’t think they could ever have or even needed. Neurocise® represents how we can resource ourselves to go after what we want with intention by design.

NLP, Hypnosis & Neurocise® give you the delightful opportunity to have fun engaging, exploring & expressing what is going on in your mind-brain-body & what you want to go on in your mind in much more guided, detailed, fine-tuned & connected ways so that you succeed & enjoy what you are doing or going to do even more than you thought you could.

Training at Neurocise® Studios is a process that is very intentional, layered & sequential, personalized & evolution oriented. We invite you to join us at one of our events. Click to see our schedule & Upcoming Trainings.

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