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Design Solution Coaching Intro

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Design Solution Coaching

The Design Solution Coaching™, DSC, is an optimal alternative to traditional coaching models. Simply put, Design Solution Coaching™ focuses on designing & developing solutions (outcomes) to personal & interpersonal issues & present state conditions towards assisting you in creating & generating desired state conditions & outcomes for your future.

DSC holds as a basic premise that people have within them a wealth of resources & the abilities to address & solve life’s issues & problems & attain or achieve the lifestyle & work life they desire. That people are performance neuro-engineers by heart & possess creative capacities to design what they want into their life, work, relationships, etc.

The DSC model presupposes that complex issues or present state conditions do not always require complex solutions. The client & coach work together to co-create solutions which lead to more productive & enhancing habits, patterns & results.

The DSC coach builds on the client’s existing strengths, system & model & is purposefully more active & involved in helping the client design/model & implement solutions. The DSC coach’s goal is to assist you in designing specific action plans & steps to help obtain your goals & achieve the success you deserve.

Design Solution Coaching™ is effective in helping clients to identify clearly their Vision of Success, Desired State & what they can do to achieve it, the Sequence of Success or plan of action. People who are motivated to Take Action & make the necessary changes in patterns of thinking, emoting & behaving have found it not only a very helpful but excellent model for achieving their wants & needs, desires & dreams on a daily basis.

The Design Solution Coaching™ model is a totally non-critical approach towards helping clients design solutions to the Issues & Present State Conditions in their life ensuring that each client is afforded deep respect for their many strengths & desires. The main purpose is to assist the client in identifying what it is that they really do want & designing solutions that will help them make it happen!

Design Solution Coaching™

Model for Personal & Professional Transformation

DSC provides a process of transformation that takes into account major factors of transformation such as motivation (whether a person ‘wants’ to transform/believes they can change or evolve). It helps people answer the question as to “how they can change” & update how they think-feel-evaluate & behave.

DSC helps people to make decisions about what is valuable & important to them, about how they will go about manifesting those values & outcomes & what the advantages & disadvantages of achieving certain goals. DSC helps people to move from in-decision to decision, from hesitation & procrastination to certainty & action.

DSC focuses on helping people change “MindFirst”, to create a model of what it is they desire – desired state – & a sequence of how to go about getting it to happen, what states, strategies, skills & resources will be helpful to bring it to reality.

DSC focuses on what Outcomes are desired & how to Achieve Outcomes/Success

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