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NLP – Meta Sensory Abilities – for even more mastery

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NLP – Meta Sensory Abilities – for even more mastery

One of the keys to mastering NLP is to be able to sense at a higher level & to use your meta abilities to sense from &/or shift your way of “saying & doing & viewing” at will or beck & call. ;>)

  • E.g., Self-Awareness, Social Awareness (interpersonal/intrapersonal intelligence) – Onlooker/Observer – taking a “longer look” at you, at what you are thinking, feeling, saying to self inside, how you are viewing (perceiving) your “situation”/progress, etc.

“Going Meta” to a higher level to view self, slowing down in mind just a bit (or speeding up), thinking through what your reactions, actions are or will be or to what it is that you confirm, that you say “yes” to, what you validate as “true of you”.

  • Yes, you do “hold” certain beliefs that you reference but you must realize that you actually are synthesizing in mind & that You can really never actually get exactly back to what you “believe”.
  • In a sense doing “new” beliefs & adding to the mix more think-feel-say-do from times we have experienced/referenced/launched/flexed beliefs, thoughts, representations, etc.
  • Modeling live & in color (most likely).

NLP is notorious for being a “model of models” that do come together after some time, study & integration into a more coherent & “unifying” or systematic way of ‘operating’.

  • You already have a model of mind that you add to as your map of resources. How aware are you of what it is that you are adding & editing to this mind model?
  • Each & every one of us has our own model & skills at “modeling”.

After a while you evolve & enhance your abilities at identifying your own patterns & habits.

  • Then, when you do you may ‘step back’ to become even more masterful at designing & doing them, with even more precision & intentionality in the states, strategies & skills that you do choose to Link & Launch to in specific situations & contexts.

Your meta sense & your meta sensory abilities are what I am referring to…

Make sense… at a higher level?!

Elvis Lester

Author Elvis Lester

Elvis Lester is the Owner of Neurocise Studios. He is the creator or multiple models for human excellence & achievement technologies.

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